1. Social and economic aspects in psychosomatic medicine and C-L psychiatry
    1. Cost-effectiveness of mental health treatments in somatic disorders
    2. Optimization of resources for mental health care in medically ill patients
    3. Impact of social issues on clinical practice in consultation-liaison psychiatry
    4. Stigma in physical and mental health
    5. Towards an operationalized bio-psycho-social approach to care in person-centred medicine
    6. Prevention of mental disorders in a bio-psycho-social paradigm
    7. Health management
    8. Cross-cultural mental and physical care of patients
    9. Immigration, physical and mental health
    10. Gender aspects in psychosomatic medicine
    11. Trauma, violence and health
    12. Rehabilitation at home and in the workplace
  2. Basic psychosomatic science
    1. Stress, immune function, and physical disease
    2. Diagnostics and neuroimaging
    3. Neurobiology/ genetics
    4. Inflammation as a link between psychiatric and medical disorders
    5. Illness perceptions and health anxiety
    6. The role of attachment and emotion regulation in mental diseases
  3. Mental health problems in somatic settings and primary care
    1. Resilience and coping strategies in somatic disorders
    2. Bodily distress and somatic symptom disorder
    3. Anxiety, PTSD and depression in medically ill patients
    4. Somatoform disorders and medically unexplained symptoms
    5. Sleep disorders
    6. Eating disorders, body image disturbances
    7. Deliberate self-harm / suicide
    8. Neuropsychiatry
    9. Addiction disorder in the General Hospital
  4. Psychosomatic aspects and C-L in different clinical fields
    1. C-L in primary care and the emergency room
    2. Chronic pain
    3. Psycho-oncology
    4. Organ transplantation
    5. Psychosomatics in cardiology
    6. Psycho-dermatology
    7. Brain-gut axis and psychosomatics in gastroenterology
    8. Psychosomatics in the elderly population
    9. Psychosocial aspects of palliative care
    10. Child & adolescent C-L Psychiatry
    11. Preventive and lifestyle medicine
    12. Non-invasive and invasive obesity interventions
    13. Psychosexual Medicine
    14. HIV / AIDS Psychiatry
    15. Perinatal Psychiatry/Psychosomatics in obstetrics and gynaecology
    16. Physical health in severe mental disorders
  5. Interventions in C-L psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine
    1. Models of integrated and collaborative care
    2. Psychological treatments with the medically ill
    3. Psychopharmacology in medically ill patients
    4. Stress management/Mindfulness training
    5. Trauma focused psychotherapy
    6. Recovery oriented assessment and intervention
  6. Training in C-L psychiatry and Psychosomatic medicine
    1. Communication skills-training for healthcare professionals
    2. Under-and postgraduate training in C-L psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine
    3. C-L psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine around the world
  7. Special topics in C-L psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine
    1. New technologies and applications
    2. Legal issues and bioethics
    3. Case Reports
    4. Other